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The Library Helped to Me to Play

I went into the library one afternoon in the fall of 2017 and noticed that there was poster advertising: "Drumming Lessons in the Library".  When I commented about it, the staff told me that there was also going to be violin lessons offered.  I have always loved fiddle music, but the thought of learning to play had never occurred to me and peeked my interest.  I borrowed a fiddle from a good friend, and sign up!

The class consisted of people who already played, played other instruments, and two (me and another) who had never played before.  I didn't even know how to read music.

The instructor started with some very basic information on how to put the fiddle on your shoulder and how to hold the bow.  Then she got us started using it: draw the bow down, finger off the string, back up, finger on the string, and vice versa.  And it sounded good! By the end of the lesson, I felt that maybe this was something I could do.

There were four lessons.  I learned a lot and they were fun.  Phil Lethbridge had arrived to help with the first class, which was a real thrill.  I have listened to him play and have danced to his music for years, and to have him there helping was very special.

That winter, my husband and I spent time with an old friend of ours in Arizona, who is a fiddle player.  He and I talked a lot about fiddling and reading music, which is like learning another language.  Without me knowing, he and harry bought me a student fiddle.  Our friend's words to me were "get a teacher".  

When I got home, I contacted another friend who plays the fiddle and had also helped with the lessons at the library.  He told me about a teacher he knew who is was very established and so I called her.

Since then, I have traded up to a better fiddle, bought a good bow, and continue with my lessons.  This would not have happened if the Pincher Creek Library hadn't offered the free group fiddle lessons. I am very grateful for that.  Being able to play music has added a wonderful new dimension to my life.